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A one-woman show, Kumod is a woman of many exceptional talents. As someone who gives her all to every project, she combined her passion for interior designing, social media, and marketing to entirely revamp Reign as a brand with immense attention to detail. The bold interiors and the social media handles, both portray how trendy Reign is, and how they offer unmatched class to all their customers. Leaving no stone unturned, Kumod ensured that every client that steps into Reign feels like they’re stepping into luxury. However, the main reason that has kept clients loyal to Kumod and Reign for more than 16 years is her promise of providing the highest quality of treatments, services, and products to all her clients. She ensures that everyone walks out with a big smile on their face, feeling like their best self. 

When our Founder Kumod Raney established Reign in 2005, she successfully attempted to create a high-standard beauty lounge that offers multiple services under one roof while not compromising quality. Guided by her passion, she aimed to create an experience that provides the modern woman with the solution to all her beauty needs. By re-inventing the salon experience, Kumod revolutionized the beauty industry and enabled women to enhance their confidence and reflect their inner beauty onto their bodies. 

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Our Founder

our founder

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Our Story

our story

Established 16 years ago, Reign Beauty Bar originally began its journey as Rain Beauty Lounge in October 2005 in one of the best areas of Bur Dubai, Mankhool. Wanting to set an example for expert hygiene standards, the latest beauty treatments, and highly personalised customer service, Rain started winning hearts and reigning over the beauty industry in Dubai. Becoming one of the busiest salons in no time, we were incredibly proud to cater to our recurring clients for more than a decade.  


As we decided to relocate, we wanted to emphasise our strength and experience of providing only the best beauty services to our clients for over 16 years. Ruling over the beauty industry and reigning over our customers' hearts, we decided that our brand should reflect our unparalleled quality and customers.  


Reign, your ultimate pampering experience that enhances your unique confidence and helps you own your beauty. With our picture-worthy interiors with trendy colours, jewelled tones, intricate headgears, plush waiting lounge and stellar canvas art, you are bound to find yourself in an artistic amalgamation of royalty and comfort.  


Even though we sound the same, we are different from before, but one thing that will always be constant is our unparalleled service and passion for providing our clients with only the best.  

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