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Most Popular Braid trends you must try this season!

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Hair braiding is the perfect way to add an extra oomph to your everyday hairstyle. One of the hottest trends in today’s date, your can always level up your look by adding a braid that complements your look. Here are a few braids you can experiment with:

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Classic Three-Strand Braid

A classic three-strand braid includes sectioning the hair into three parts that are then crisscrossed alternately. The left and the right sections are crossed over the middle section and this classic braid generally forms the basis for all other techniques.

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French Braid

A French braid is similar to a three-strand braid but it starts at the scalp. Using the same technique, the hair is pinched from the sides of the head and then incorporated into the main braid. Creating a stylish, chic pattern, the method takes a little getting used to but it's only a matter of time you can do it expertly.

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Dutch Braid

A Dutch braid is similar to a French braid but it has the side sections crossed under the middle section which causes the weave to raise. They bump up in the centre of your head and are often known as reverse French braids.

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Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid can be tricky to learn as it doesn’t use three sections as a basis. First, split the hair in half and pinch a thin strip of hair from the outside of one section before crossing it to the other. Secondly, keep on passing over the sections alternately till you create a neat pattern. Many people prefer to slightly tug at the braid to give it a more relaxed feel.

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Waterfall Braid

One of the most Insta-famous braids, a waterfall braid is a French braid done horizontally wherein the underside is left open. This creates a stunning effect and rather than a linked chain, new hair is incorporated in every criss-cross. The top side of the braid has more sections as you proceed with the braid.

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Milkmaid Braid

A milkmaid braid crosses two classic three-strand braid pigtails across the crown so that it appears like a headband. This braid looks gorgeous with a middle part and gives you a fairytale look, perfect for a fancy event.

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Halo Braid

A Halo braid is a go-to option if you want to wear fancy headgear or hat accessories without spoiling the look. Giving an angel-like appearance, it is a French braid that goes around your head. It goes from the part line to your nape, and then back again before switching to a three-strand braid before being pinned.


There any many other trendy and quirky braids that our expert stylists excel at. Book an appointment or walk into our new salon at Al Barsha and enjoy the perfect pampering session.

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