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Everything you must know about Eyelash extensions

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Full, thick eyelashes are increasingly becoming a beauty staple that give a bigger look to your eyes and enhance the look of any makeup you put on, be it minimal or glam. 

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Different types of eyelash extensions

Lash extensions vary in size and shape and the ideal extensions for you will depend on numerous factors. At Reign, our lash experts have decades of experience and will analyse your natural lashes to determine how heavy a set of extensions they can handle. They consider numerous factors such as your lifestyle, eye shape, and bone structure. You can opt for a classic 1-D that is more natural-looking, or go up to 5-D or 6-D for a mega volume look.

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How to prepare for your first appointment

When you are getting ready for your first appointment, make sure to have a bare face and eyes without any residue. It is recommended to wash your face thoroughly before the procedure. Extensions generally take around two hours, but it is better to have more time so that you are not rushing through the process and can enjoy it.

Post-appointment suggestions

To ensure that the adhesive glue dries completely, wait 34 hours before you get your face wet or hop into a shower. Don’t get your lashes wet under any circumstance or stay in the steam of a long period till 24 hours post your appointment.

Caring for your lash extensions

When using cleaners, opt for oil-free ones like micellar water and be delicate around the eye area. The lash extensions need to be brushed both before and after bed and also after showering. Do not pick or pluck your extensions under any circumstance.

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Wearing makeup

In order to avoid damaging your eyelash extensions, avoid using mascara as you already have long lashes! Don’t use cream eyeliners and go for liquid or gel formulas that don’t tug the root of the lash. Avoid using glitter as it can build up along the lash line.

Getting a refill

It is advised to get your lashes refilled every two to three weeks for the perfect look at all times. However, it also depends on the individual as the extensions and our expert technicians can help guide you through it.

Reign Recommends Brown Lamination: We also recommend trying out our famous brow lamination to perfect your look with your brand new lash extensions. A pain-free process, brow laminations give your brows a fuller, uniformed, and thicker-looking shape. Achieve your brow goals with a high shine finish a naturally looking lifted brows. It is perfect for brow gaps or hair that tends to grow in different directions.

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